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How much do martial arts classes cost?

I don’t think there is any real cost to martial arts training, you enjoy the benefits and pay a fair price for the service. Please take few seconds to consider these questions.



What is the cost to being overweight?


What is the cost of a child being bullied?


What is the cost of diabetes?


What is the cost of not being able to defend yourself?


What is the cost of having a boring life?


When compared to other activities, where you are taught a skill. Such a learning a musical instrument, sports coaching or personalised academic lessons. You’ll find that martial arts classes in general are very good value. 


The majority of martial arts instructors try to ensure that most people can afford their classes.


The most popular martial arts styles have a belt system. With the goal of black belt being an important aim of the training. Depending on the style or organisation the black belt may take from 3 to 5 years to attain.


However martial arts instructors understand that most new members would not be ready for that level of commitment. So, they usually have membership programmes that run month by month. In other words, there is not a real long term financial commitment. This way, the new member can train or drop out whenever they want.


Professional martial arts, kickboxing or karate clubs charge their membership or tuition monthly, and depending on their facility, most clubs offer one to three classes a week.


The monthly fee charged would usually reflect what sort facility the classes are held at and the experience of the instructors. A full time martial arts school would usually charge more than a club that has classes at a sports centre.


Also, the experience of the instructor may be a factor in the price. Most people are quite happy to pay a bit more for classes from an experienced instructor who has decades of teaching under their belt. Who can guide you to black belt and beyond, and maybe if you are lucky, offer some words of wisdom along the way. In general, martial arts clubs charge monthly fees that range between £50 to £80 a month.


Occasionally, people compare going to the gym with training at a martial arts club. Try not to do this, martial arts training is much bigger, more colourful and leads you much further towards your real life goals.


However, the most striking difference between the gym and your martial arts club is the personal interaction. Your instructor will notice you when you don’t attend, they will care more whether you attain your goals, and do whatever they can to help you achieve your next belt.


A session at the gym may give you a work out. However, martial arts class will give you a better work out. Teach you awesome martial arts moves, that will take you a step closer to black belt. You will build life long friendships with quality people, plus you will have the energy and enthusiasm of a supportive group that keeps you motivated.


What do we charge?


At our mixed martial arts academy in Leicester, which is also the headquarters of our organisation, we have a wonderful fulltime facility. With very experienced instructors. Who teach some of the highest quality martial arts classes in the UK.


As a member, you can train up to six times a week. To ensure you have safe and comfortable training experience the centre has the best safety training floor money can buy.


The air-conditioned academy ensures you can kick and punch your way to fitness in a comfortable environment (which for a martial arts club is virtually unheard off). A variety training equipment which you can beat and smash makes the work outs even more fun.


As a new member, you would need to budget around £65 a month. To help parents invest in their child’s martial arts training, we offer substantial discounts for a second and third child.


I hope you can see regardless of what martial arts style you choose or which instructor you decide to get started with. There is no real issue when it comes to the price of classes, since it is usually very good value indeed.


So, cancel that gym membership…and start a journey of martial arts awesomeness today! 

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